Rock Climbing-

The Shivalik Himalayas in Rishikesh boast of probably the most exciting cliffs, a beautiful view in itself. After enjoying river rafting adventure, it is time for rock climbing. Whether you wish to set out on a short outing and need to go on an expedition, you can pick an alternative that you lean toward and appreciate. This adventure action can be appreciated by all (men, women and children) who are physically fit and have the stamina to challenge the precipices. Prior to the action starts, you can have an initial session with master climbers and educators. A starting session advises you of all the fundamental methods you can utilize while climbing rocks. The best part about this adventure is that it doesn't just challenges your physical endurance; however, it additionally tests your ability to control your brain.


The adventure of slipping down a stone, depending 100% on the equipment, is called rappelling. Like rock climbing, rappelling in Rishikesh is likewise offers matchless fun. Adapted with the right gear, you can double the delight of this adventure. Rappeling down a cliff should be possible in an assortment of ways. Notwithstanding when you have your standard climbing gear, you ought to know how to utilize the apparatus for a safe rappel down the cliff.

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