A standout amongst the most celebrated and eminent cities situated in the state of Uttrakhand is Rishikesh. This beautiful  city is encompassed by the scenic slopes, which make fabulous picturesque delights.

You can include numerous types of activities, such as paintball, in your Rishikesh adventure tour. This will help you in making your visit more fascinating and sensational, to be remembered for a long time to come

Paintball game

Paintball is an exciting game where players use guns stacked with innocuous paint capsules to shoot at each other.

These paint capsules are little balls filled with non-harmful, biodegradable, water solvent mineral-oil, which can be easily washed afterwards.

The paintball weapon is attached to the carbon dioxide gas for making pressure, which tosses the balls at a speed of around 250-300 feet for every second.

Once a player gets hit by a paintball he or she is out of the specific round.

Paintball game is one of the simplest games that promise adventure and thrill at best. It is also considered as the best stress reliever.

Age Limit

Children must be 12 years old or above to participate in this game. Youngsters between the age of 12 and 18 will need the guardian’s committal to play. Any person who falls in the age group of 19 to 65 can easily take part in this fun-filled adventure activity.

Additional supervision will be given on the field by a skilled referee for youngsters less than 18 years old.

Security and Safety

Paintball is an absolutely  safe adventure game to indulge in. Yet, it is mandatory to wear legitimate defensive rigging and follow all the safety guidelines and rules.


You can make your own game rules to get the most out of this thrilling adventure activity, however, there is one obligatory security rule that all players must follow and that is to wear an affirmed face mask supplied by us on the field.