Kayak is basically a little boat where the paddler faces in the forward direction with legs in front, and utilizes a double bladed paddle. In Kayaking adventure activity, we use the Kayak for moving over the water. Kayaking and canoeing are both exciting paddling activities that promise incomparable fun and thrill. Be that as it may, they are diverse in terms of the sitting position of the paddler and the number of sharp blades on the paddle.

White water kayaking is extremely popular adventure activity in the beautiful city of Rishikesh. It involves taking the Kayaks up and down onto the stimulating rapids. Each Kayak can have distinctive chins that can be hard and soft, which also require diverse sorts of handling.

Kayaking Session in Rishikesh

Along with the most loved camping activities in Rishikesh, we take pride in offering the best Kayaking instructional and training sessions. Amid this, one learns about different paddling strokes, turning movement, along with the right balance and control of the kayak. This is definitely a fun-filled Kayaking trip that one can ever take in this mesmerizing city.

White Water Kayaking in Ganga River

The Holy river of Ganga boasts of the most exciting rapids to enjoy White Water Kayaking at best. Kaudiyala to Nem Beach is the most celebrated Kayaking rout. Amid this, we confront the Danial Dip, The Wall, Three Blind Mice, Crossfire, Roller Coaster, Golf course rapids. This development level of Kayaking action is just for master kayakers who have fantastic aptitudes of paddling, balancing and swimming. But, the Ganges also offers various amazing and testing rapids to begin on a kayaking trip for novices as well. It doesn’t make a difference if you are a flat out learner, as you can pick a speed according to your skill and physical capacities.

We have been offering exhilarating kayaking trips in Rishikesh for a considerable length of time and are well versed about all the needs and queries that our esteemed visitors might have. We give initial sessions on the fundamental procedures of the adventure activity, including counting paddling strokes, turning strokes, essential control and the balance of the kayak, and make you familiar with the rules and regulations before actually taking you out into the rapids. We have the most recent imported array of apparatus and equipment required for this thrilling adventure while our impressively experienced international kayaking specialists guide you through everything that you want to know about Kayaking.