Adventure Ganga River Cliff Jumping Package

Cliff Jumping is rated as one of the most energizing adventure activities offered along with River rafting in the captivating city of Rishikesh. There is a precipice situated in the lower part of the rafting trip in the Brahmpuri Stretch, only 2 kms before Laxman Jhula. The flatboat is stopped on the banks and the team is roused to jump from the high cliff.

If you are someone planning to go for River rafting in Rishikesh, then you must experience the cliff jumping action too. The Cliff Jumping is a 100% safe adventure activity and one does not have to know swimming for it as it is done wearing a sturdy life jacket. The life jacket is highly reliable and does not make you suffocated and the waterway guide guarantees that you return on the pontoon securely a while later.

Cliff Jumping is without a doubt a revitalizing and daring adventure activity in which one has to bounce into the streaming river from a cliff that is so high. Frequently individuals who set out to jump from the cliff go up a couple times to a few times more.

Cliff Jump Height in Rishikesh

The stream current of the Ganges under the Cliff is mellow. The stature of the hop shifts as per the water level of the Ganges, which is controlled by the Tehri Dam and differs bit by bit as the day progresses. The normal height of the jump is around 20 feet. Be that as it may, around the end of the season (June), the height comes down to somewhere around 10 feet.

Regardless of which season you do it, Cliff Jumping in Rishikesh will go far in increasing your confidence and evacuate your apprehension of height and fear of water. This type of jumping is additionally utilized as a part of our Corporate Team-Building Programs for the same reasons. It is worth mentioning that all our River Rafting Packages in Rishikesh incorporate Cliff Jumping.