The paramount adventure you experience is to carry on with a life you had always wanted! Realize your fantasy of flying freely in the air with the flexibility of a bird! Have an unimaginable experience of flying over the shining Ganga River, the lavish green woods, dams and the great Himalayas! Rishikesh Air Safari brings an extraordinary adrenaline gushing sport for you all adventure addicts.

Air Safari in Rishikesh will take you to astonishing heights of the sky with the assistance of fueled parachutes by well-experienced pilots. Controlled parachute is a sort of ultra-light flying machine comprising of an engine and wheels with a parachute. Fueled parachute is also known as paraplane or motorized parachute and is abbreviated as PPC. Fueled parachute flies at a normal speed of 40-60 km for every hour. The normal working height ranges between 500 to 1500 feet. PPCs have a short takeoff and landing moves which can at times be less than 100 feet.

Appreciate the captivating views of Shivalik Range of the Himalayas! The rich natural appeal of Rishikesh makes it a loved spot to go for Air Safari, which is an extraordinary way to get hands on experience of the mesmerizing beauty and splendor of the place. Air Safari gives you an unforgettable and extraordinary experience of feeling free from gravity, and to be completely connected to the limitless blue sky. Feel the fresh air touching your face, giving you an uncontrollable adrenaline surge!

Moreover, age is not a limitation to experience this exciting adventure. This is definitely a thrilling escapade and to make it more extraordinary for you we have given you the support of an accomplished pilot. You will likewise be advised about the all the safety instructions and do’s and don’ts in advance. You might get a little nervous before take-off, simply take a deep breath and experience the inexplicable with our special Air Safari tour. When you will feel the joy of flying and the vibe of peacefulness you will defeat the apprehension of flying and heights effortlessly! This tour presents the best way to spend your days in the serene city of Rishikesh!

Package Details

Adventure Ganga River (Air Safari)

Cost (Per Person):  Rs. 4,400 /-

Time Span: 1 Hour

Activity: Air Safari

Area: Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

Duration: 10 to 70 minutes

Height Ranges: 500 to 1500 meters

Time of Operation: From Sunrise to Sunset

Area: Rajas Airfield, Mazari Grante, Haridwar – Dehradun highway, Doiwala, Uttarakhand

Type of Flight                     Distance                                Duration                              Price in INR

Kitty Hawk                         8-10 KM                               10-12 minutes                         4400

Explorer                              15-18 KM                             18-22 minutes                         6999

Valley Expeditions                                                        25-30 minutes                         10999

Rishikesh Expeditions                                                 60-70 minutes                          20499

Adventure Ganga River

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Contact – 09917674868/9627194668

Address-Kailash  gate (Muni Ki Reti) opp, Union Bank Rishikesh.

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